Refund and Cancellation Policy


Cancellation by you

Sometimes the unforeseeable happens and you need to cancel a tour. If this is the case, I ask you to give as much notice as possible, in order to resell or reschedule your tour. Refunds will be given minus a 20% admin fee for cancellations with 48 hours notice. With less than 48 hours notice, refunds will not be possible.

Cancellation by me

If I am unable to lead a tour which you have booked, I will provide you with as much notice as possible, and you will receive a full refund of your booking fee, or a rescheduled tour which is agreeable with you.

This will be the extent of my liability.


Medical Disclaimer

By booking a tour with Discover Dundee Running Tours, you are confirming that you are medically fit and capable of running the distance of the tour. Running is a physically challenging activity. It is your responsibility to ensure you are fit to run, and you should seek advice from a medical professional if you are unsure.

I reserve the right to stop anyone from running if I have concerns for your health or suitability to be taking part in a running tour.

By coming on a running tour, you acknowledge that you are running at your own risk. We will be running on pavements, and crossing open roads. It is your responsibility to be aware of traffic and other pedestrians.

Discover Dundee Running Tours will not be liable for any injury, loss, damage or death from taking part in a running tour.